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Natural absorbency from whole corn grains - this is what the cat litter manufacturer from the USA has been successfully advertising for many years. In May 2013, REBELKO initially took over the conception, design and implementation of digital marketing in Germany. First creative social media marketing campaigns were followed by further exciting projects. From a spring campaign to the cat-advent calendar and a Valentine's Day special.

Social Media Strategie & Content Creation

For the German market, we designed a social media strategy that focused on brand awareness and community building. Via the corporate blog and a Facebook page, cat fans could exchange information, obtain product information and participate in creative competitions. Content creation, community management, ad planning as well as campaign conception, design and implementation from a single source.

Cat Content en masse!

Cat topics can be positioned perfectly on the Internet and offer room for creative approaches. In the German-language corporate blog, we published everything worth knowing about cats, cat care and cat litter. In addition, we cooperated with relevant cat blogs and used blogger relations as a marketing tool.

On the Facebook page, we held photo contests such as "Spring Awakening," looked for product testers, surprised the community with an advent calendar, a very sweet Valentine's Day special, and so on.

Digital Campaig­n­ing

For Christmas, we designed the creative social media marketing campaign 'Katzventskalender' on Facebook. The name said it all, because the campaign was intended to reward the brand's fans for their loyalty.

The highlight: They themselves or their cats could become part of the big cat advent calendar. The highlights of the campaign were the four Sundays of Advent with competitions on the Facebook page and a large-scale fundraising campaign for an animal shelter on Christmas Eve.

Through the Facebook page, fans were encouraged to submit favorite pictures of their house pets. From the numerous submissions, the 24 doors of the calendar were then selected and provided with the design we created.

Festive pre-Christmas season with the Katzventskalender

Just in time for December 1, the first door of the cat advent calendar opened on Facebook. We also expanded our content strategy and published tips and tricks on cat and coat care, funny videos, and interesting blog links.

Other highlights were the four Sundays of Advent, on which high-reach competitions were held. We supported the raffle of cat litter packages with Facebook Ads with a precise targeting on cat owners.

And what about the biggest door on December 24? The end of the campaign was a large-scale fundraiser to a needy animal shelter so the product could benefit orphaned cats.

Conception of a product tester campaign

Generating brand awareness and consumer insights - that was the brief from Word's Best Cat Litter. We therefore decided to conduct a free sample social media marketing campaign that also served as market research: exciting, effective and just right for the US cat litter manufacturer.

In the process, we took on the conception of the MaFo measures, the marketing of the tester campaign and the subsequent analysis of the collected data sets. We developed a consumer-centric campaign dramaturgy to solicit authentic customer reviews.

Com­munity Manage­ment for Cat Lovers

The cat community took to the tester campaign so well that it was expanded from 100 product testers to five times that number. 500 samples later, the selected litter experts submitted their feedback via online questionnaire. Using six evaluation criteria, we were able to analyze consumer behavior in detail. The result? Valuable insights for World's Best Cat Litter - including an increase in brand awareness.