Made in Europe. Bombed in Yemen. | Petition Campaign ECCHR

European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights e.V.

Campaign Concept. Design. Social Media. Content Marketing. Social Ads. Video. Motion. Landing Page.

For ECCHR, we were asked to design an international petition campaign and communicate it via social media - in terms of content, copies and visuals.
In workshops, we developed the storyline and dramaturgy of the campaign, defined key messages and timings. Furthermore, we created a branded campaign look, wrote English copies, created ads, share visuals and much more.
Over many months, we supported the ECCHR team as a sparring partner and provided advice throughout the campaign and to create even more awareness across Europe. Last but not least, we boosted the fundraising via social media, too.


In cooperation with the outstanding human rights organization, we reviewed documents, summarized legal texts, selected reports and extracted suitable campaign material. The result: catchy claims for an important human rights issue.

Content Creation

We were happy to contribute our expertise to the project by providing content, bringing existing information to the point, presenting key facts in media form, and creating animated content. In this way, we wrote and designed social media content that meets the community and drives engagement.

Video-Content. Emotion plus Information.

In order to support the campaign with multimedia as well, we specifically focused on shorter video formats. Because snackable video content can increase click-through rates. Why? More emotion plus information can be conveyed within a few seconds.


Impressions via Facebook & Instagram


Reach via Facebook & Instagram