Lotus Bakeries Switzerland

Lotus Bakeries Switzerland

Campaigning. Social Media Marketing. Content Creation. Editorial Planning. Ad Management. Community Management.

Grüezi wohl! People all over the world love the little red cookie. So we launched the social media communication for Lotus Bakeries in Switzerland in March 2016. Bilingual community building, creative campaigns, content creation and ad management in German and French. This and much more characterizes the extremely exciting project. Hopp Schwiiz!

A Sweet Journey Through Switzerland

Médaille D'Or pour Café et Biscoff! A home-based summer campaign by Lotus Bakeries Switzerland, which was characterized by creativity, incentivization and behavioral targeting. We designed branded postcard motifs for six cities and distributed them via Facebook to a local target group with an affinity for cookies.

Concept, design, claims, sweepstake system as well as targeting, community management and reporting made by REBELKO.

Love Brand meets Engaging Content

Engagement and consumption rituals. Two things that could be perfectly combined in the content and community management of Lotus Bakeries Switzerland. The bilingual content strategy in social media communication for Swiss fans worked. A real love brand with loyal consumers was successfully carried onto the web.

The activities on social media were supported by social ads. In addition to the constant expansion of the community, punctual sales campaigns were advertised as well. In order to direct the customers to online stores and certain markets, REBELKO brought in the digital marketing know-how and took over the ad planning, controlling and optimization.

Say Cheese!

Emotions say more than a thousand words - even in social media. Since the introduction of Facebook Reactions, marketers have also been aware of the importance of emotionality for the reach of their content. That's why REBELKO designed a perfectly fitting sweepstakes campaign in which "Like," "Smile," and "Love" played a leading role.

And the reaction of the community? Simply fantastic. Within a few days, numerous Facebook fans showed us their smiles. Emotional brand management in social media communication according to the principle: Digital First.