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Developing an aesthetically pleasing and effective content strategy for social media in the beauty segment was the task for this highly exciting project. For Orthomol Beauty, we were successfully responsible for the editorial planning for social media, among other things. We were able to position the brand in terms of content, visuals and text, especially on Instagram. A literally beautiful task!

Creative product photography in the beauty industry

Already in the first strategy workshop with the client it became clear: There will have to be a product shoot to produce massive instagram-ready images and engaging content in premium quality.
Even with small accents matching the season and the message, we were able to achieve great impact. This is how pool shoots at the REBELKO studio produced appealing assets for any occasion.

Editorial + Design

In close cooperation with our clients, we developed a social media style guide that was in line with the brand. We worked out the consistent image style, defined the look of the categories and showed how to implement various formats in practice.
In this way, we established strategically consistent communication in social media. A successful mix of varied and dermatologically based information on skin, hair and nails - paired with content on outer and inner beauty.

Informative articles about beauty, makeup and mindset

Beauty has many facets and faces. In order to cover the broad range of topics in the digital space and also to serve search engines, we regularly wrote articles for the online magazine. In this way, we created an entire beauty world - not just for algorithms and web crawlers, but above all to educate and inspire users.
From the effective use of beauty products to trendy hairstyles or care tips for stressed summer skin to the DYI advent calendar and self-love treatments - the topics were prepared appealing, informative and easy to understand. A thoroughly enjoyable reading experience for beauty lovers!