We design strong engagement concepts and set interactive campaigns that grab attention, create awareness, foster interests, nurture leads and encourage customers to get engaged. From sweepstakes and OOH campaigns to user-generated content, influencer promotions and other social media challenges - at our headquarters in Aachen, Germany, we design creative marketing strategies that inspires others!


Your brand would like to get new impulses and e.g. deeper information about the German market? Are you looking for inspiration and wondering what your target group thinks? Which ideas, concepts, approaches, opinions, wishes and needs have your potential customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

Yes, creative competitions and engaging marketing campaigns are exactly the right way to create awareness, to generate insights and to boost participation. Added value for every side – and, of course, happy customers or stakeholders.

Social Media Campaigns

Since 2011, we have been developing unerring creative campaigns for a wide range of industries that not only look good, but also achieve really good results. From photo contests to comment sweepstakes e.g. on Facebook, integrated hashtag campaigns, cross-media hero campings, or live-content on YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn to a digital only "brand model contest" and the cool car challenge for a consumer electronics giant...

We have already designed, implemented, managed and led many social media campaigns to brand success. And we still have a long way to go! We look forward to supporting your brand with our many years of experience. Our sense of achievement, inquisitiveness and curiosity fuel us every day to take on new challenges and shape the digital world with creative ideas.

Just say Hello


Integrated approaches are our passion and our business. So we love designing cross-media sweepstakes. From campaign microsites to out-of-home and flyer design and social media posts and videos, you've found the right partner.

And to make sure that we as an agency are exactly on the same page with you, such projects always start with a strategic kickoff workshop. That way, we can ensure the perfect brand fit and work with you to determine which media will fuel your target audience's engagement and which tone will resonate with your customers. Clear and truly animating calls-to-action included!

Strategic.Creative. Bold.

➝ Project Starter

We open up perspectives, provide conscientious advice and develop tailor-made solutions for PR, design and marketing.

Always understanding your brand and giving you fresh perspectives - for B2B, B2C and non-profits.

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